Research Applications

City University of Hong Kong endeavours to promote social and economic development by nurturing innovation, facilitating knowledge transfer and promoting entrepreneurship. We were ranked first in Hong Kong and 58th in the world among the Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted US Utility Patents in 2017.

As of early 2018, we have a total of 357 patents granted and 356 pending.

CityU research and innovation benefits business and industry

Our novel technology contributed to developing the global wireless charging standard, Qi, by enabling different brands of mobile devices to be charged simultaneously on a single charging plate.

CityU wireless-charging Qi 

Meanwhile, our smart real-time battery state and health diagnostics system reduces vehicle diagnosis from hours to three minutes and saves the loss of energy by 90 per cent.

CityU smart battery monitoring system 

Our other licensed inventions include VR technology for the development needs of children with autism spectrum disorder as well as the bioconversion of food waste into high value-added products, power electronics technologies for energy saving, and air purification and water quality monitoring systems.

A biotechnology company, Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited, founded by CityU alumni, makes use of a technology developed at CityU to help improve the safety of food and daily necessities by rapidly testing for toxins through the use of zebrafish embryos.

We constantly explore ways to connect our research to emerging industry interests.

Our environmental scientists collaborated with the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel to develop a new biological process based on fermentation that will be able to handle the recycling of blended textiles.

CityU_textile_recycling Mixed textile waste can be recycled using green technology developed at CityU. 

In addition, we have developed technology with HKRIT that converts food waste into polylactic acid, which can then be spun into fibres for use in textiles.

The CityU Shenzhen Research Institute, which opened in 2011, has served as an important strategic initiative for deepening engagement with mainland institutions and industrial partners in order to boost our research capacity and knowledge transfer capabilities.

Additionally, we enhance the provision of service learning and community engagement opportunities as a means to strengthen interactions with a range of external stakeholders, including government, non-governmental organisations and businesses.