City University of Hong KongBeyond Boundaries: how universities can learn from one another in tackling major global challenges

Beyond Boundaries: how universities can learn from one another in tackling major global challenges

City University of Hong Kong’s Beyond Boundaries interview series explores some of the biggest problems and opportunities facing higher education leaders around the world

In an age of increasing globalisation, universities around the world face unprecedented changes to their teaching and learning, research priorities and mission statements. From the digital transition and the changes to learning that come with it, to competing for talent and making education fair and accessible, many of the challenges are shared across continents. 

Beyond Boundaries, an interview series broadcast on Hong Kong International Business Channel seeks to explore some of the big questions facing higher education leaders. The 10-part series airs from January 28 and is presented by Way Kuo, president of City University of Hong Kong (CityU).

CityU is an international university that emphasises the integration of research and teaching. The university has a strong focus on diversity through cross-cultural studies, and its Beyond Boundaries series is an extension of that philosophy. 

In conducting the series, Kuo also sets out to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of the purpose of a university in the modern age, while asking what lessons leaders can take from challenges in the past.

Each 30-minute episode will be broadcast at 10pm (HKT) on Saturdays, with a re-run the following evening at 6.30pm (HKT). The episodes can also be found on Cable TV’s website and app after broadcast.

The series kicks off with an interview with Mamokgethi Phakeng, vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Town – a conversation that Kuo has highlighted as one of his most memorable meetings.

The South African institution has a rich and troubled history, and during his visit to the campus, Kuo observes how the institution has evolved to become one of the most prestigious on the African continent.

Episode two of the TV series features Humboldt University in Berlin, famous for coining what is now known as Humboltian style of learning, through the integration of teaching and research.

The third episode offers a chance for Kuo to reflect on three memorable interviews he conducted in France, covering topics such as innovation and start-up culture on campuses, while episode four features a meeting between Kuo and Robert J. Jones, chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the US. 

Episode five takes viewers to Asia for a conversation with Tan Eng Chye, president of the National University of Singapore – one of the region’s youngest and most successful institutions for teaching and research.

Another highlight for Kuo was the chance to meet with leaders of two Israeli universities: Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Tel Aviv University. The leaders discuss the difficult yet important role that universities play in promoting peace in a country that has been significantly affected by centuries of war and religious dispute.

The series continues with more wide-reaching global coverage. Kuo visits George Washington University in Washington, the India Institute of Technology in Delhi and Tohoku University in Japan.

Professor Kuo will summarise his reflections in a season finale aired on April 1, detailing the many valuable lessons learned during the series.

Find out more about CityU’s Beyond Boundaries series.

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