Disciplinary cluster development with characteristics

CSU has complete disciplinary systems covering Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Art, and Military Science was embraced. CSU has the world’s most comprehensive Nonferrous Metallurgy system chain, encompassing world class disciplines such as Geology, Mining, Mineral Separation, Metallurgy and Materials.


CSU is the first in the world to apply advanced transparent computing technology to establish medical big data due to the existence of medical and health disciplinary group with clinical medicine as the core, and the Xiangya medical group of CSU, internationally well-known, represents the direction of China's medical reform.


CSU’s civil transport disciplinary group, especially the theories and engineering application of rail transit aerodynamics, train collision safety protection technology, and driving safety in harsh wind environment, are world-class level.


The Sciences disciplines including mathematics and other disciplines are represented by exemplar three-generation research teams led by Professor Hou Zhenting (famous mathematician and winner of the Hua Luogeng Mathematics Award), Professor Jiao Yong (National Excellent Youth), and Mr. Liu Lu (solver of the “Seetapun Enigma”).



CSU also has Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines and it is the first established Chinese village culture research center that integrates the protection and research of traditional Chinese village culture, the collection of physical objects and documents, and the construction of databases.