South America

University of São Paulo Faculty of Law: Best universities in Latin America

Brazil dominates the list of Latin America’s best universities as judged by Times Higher Education’s Academic Reputation Survey

David Eastwood and David Greenaway

Five years from launch, partnership proves benefits of bigger scale, according to two v-cs

Aerial view of harbour in Tokyo, Japan

A continent-hopping survey of garden cities mulls dreams, war and exclusion, says Richard J. Williams

Harvard Crimson cheerleader (Harvard University) being held aloft

More than 10,000 academics' views give unique insight into universities' global reputations

Map of Peru

Increased funding is now available applying and commercialising research

Men lifting wooden construction frame, Tasbapauni, Nicaragua

A UK university is leading a team to promote academic links with industry in Colombia, Panama and beyond

Tourists visiting Selaron stairway, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country’s standardised test shows improvements in undergraduates’ general and subject knowledge

Venezuela Vote

Jennifer McCoy looks at how a ‘political earthquake’ in Venezuela might affect the country’s universities

Students waiting to sit Enem exam, Recife, Brazil

Donna Bowater looks at the single entry exam that governs access to university in South American powerhouse

BRICS & Emerging Economies countries concept illustration

China remains BRICS superpower, while several nations make their debut in extended top 200 table

Female Chinese student with book

Involvement in global quality assurance is crucial to signing up more overseas students, says Fiona Crozier

Miguel Ángel Beltrán, National University of Colombia

The latest detention of Miguel Ángel Beltrán is viewed by many scholars as an attack on academic freedom

Susan Hayward in prison, I Want to Live! (1958)

Women with partners who have full-time jobs find it more difficult to get over ‘glass fence’ and move abroad, study suggests

BRICS logo cropped

Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2016 will include 200 universities for the first time

Tourists drinking, Balea Lac Hotel of Ice, Făgăraș Mountains

Brazil’s flagship scholarship programme likely to suffer as government looks for savings. Donna Bowater reports from Rio de Janeiro

University of Essex, fathers and children viewing artwork

Part of the founding vice-chancellor’s vision lives on at the University of Essex

Tricia King, Birkbeck, University of London

Incoming vice-president of international operations at Case says that UK fundraisers are ‘wildly talented’ but that the talent pool is ‘still very small’

ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array) project radio telescope antennas

Presidential commission recommends new ministry to push technological development

From the most international universities in the world to how demographic change will shape 21st-century higher education

Figures quoted in Brazilian media suggest US universities may still be waiting for funds for taking students. Donna Bowater reports from Brazil