South America

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Indigenous people of the Kalahari Desert, South Africa

The D-PLACE tool means anthropologists and historians can finally statistically test theories about what shapes human culture and society

Man playing bingo, Camden Town Bingo Hall, London

Academics explore how the seemingly sedate game of housey-housey has attracted many different kinds of government intervention

Rio de Janeiro viewed from Vila Pereira da Silva favela, Brazil

Latin America needs a HE system that promotes equality across the region, says Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela

Brazilian men performing capoeira outdoors
As different regions have different approaches to higher education, it makes sense to allow flexibility in the rankings analysis, writes Duncan Ross
Female Brazilian football/soccer fan celebrating with flag of Brazil, Best universities in Latin America

Brazil leads Times Higher Education’s debut ranking of the top universities in Latin America

Crafts made from paper mache, wood, ceramic and coconut shell
Cooperation is key to developing a successful higher education sector in this complex and diverse region, argues Marco Antonio Zago

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