North America

Stanford University, Best universities in the United States 2016

Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education league table focuses on universities’ teaching environments

Student demonstrators holding 'Debtors class of 2031' sign

But a federal income-contingent system is called for in a book co-authored by Brookings Institution fellow

Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Chancellor Lizhong Yu tells Jack Grove about how NYU Shanghai hopes its model will turbocharge international mobility

Nicholas Dirks at the THE World Academic Summit

Nicholas Dirks tells THE summit that free tuition would enable government to 'control' public research universities 

Sather Tower, University of California, Berkeley

Former secretary of labor tells THE summit that growing inequality in admissions is ‘national tragedy in the making’

United States flag

Find out the differences between these two leading US university rankings

Phil Baty

Phil Baty addresses the THE World Academic Summit 2016, and raises some fundamental questions about how higher education is viewed worldwide

Indian women and children standing beside well

Study being launched at THE World Academic Summit highlights challenges of collecting comparable data on social mobility

Concorde enthusiast waves French flag

A lack of strategy and autonomy are to blame for French universities’ failure to keep pace on transnational education, study suggests

Stephen Toope, University of Cambridge

Canadian Stephen Toope set to take over from Sir Leszek Borysiewicz in autumn 2017 to lead the prestigious university

Engineers on building site checking plans

Royal Academy of Engineering report reveals which countries are proving most effective in training up engineers to drive economic growth

World University Rankings 2016-2017

The latest reaction to the World University Rankings as it comes in

Student protesters marching through streets of Montreal

David Wheeler applauds a critique of the impact of neoliberal forces on higher education

Economic impact of research at UK, US and Japanese universities (22 September 2016)

This graph compares how UK, US and Japanese universities perform on measures of the economic impact of their research

The week in higher education cartoon (22 September 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Person celebrating reaching top of mountain

Funding, freedom from regulation and staff of the highest calibre are the keys to global success

Martin O'Neill illustration (22 September 2016)

Via fiscal reform, income-linked loans and four-year places, a famed higher education system can be saved, says Simon Marginson

Rolling Stones posing beside airport runway

Emma Rees is happily lost in a Sixties’ soundscape but wonders why there are so few female artists

Professor_Louise_Richardson_by_John_Cairns_4.9.15-A-20 University of Oxford Vice Chancellor

Louise Richardson says Asian and US universities are hot on Oxford’s heels while Brexit vote is already affecting the institution’s researchers

Students sitting in circle outside on lawn

Small colleges perform well in Times Higher Education US student survey, which will fuel upcoming university ranking for the country