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Iraqi woman holding and protecting child in front of army tanks

The report’s deep meditation on foreign policy makes it more than an inquest into the failings of individuals and institutions in the conduct of the Iraq War, argues Glen Rangwala

Poorly-downloaded photo of Stanford University's Hoover Tower

Whether or not Moocs live up to the hype, technology’s impact on universities is real and growing, Stanford University’s John Hennessy tells Ellie Bothwell

Person viewing dinosaur exhibit in museum

Book of the week: Randy Malamud on two scholars’ exploration of a temple of Christian fundamentalist belief

Men stand in front of display of firearms in gun store, Lake Barrington, Illinois

Recent attempts to get round US gun lobbys blocking of federal funds for gun violence research could be making an impact. Jon Marcus reports

People with their heads in the sand

Social science scholars are attempting to produce ‘impossible results’ due to demands from journal editors, finds study

The week in higher education cartoon (21 July 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

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