North America

Yoga class

New instructor questions whether she was hired 'because I'm Indian'


Despite the challenges, Jill Derby sees multiple benefits to exporting this US model to the middle east

LGBT flag flying

Researchers cite high levels of independence and the need for social perceptiveness as factors

Exhausted marathon runner sitting by Coca-Cola branded vehicle

Warning comes after stories about Coca-Cola’s spending on science hit the headlines last year

Level of quality compass

Authors argue this means universities should spend less on senior academics and give promising younger scholars more of a chance

Overworked man slumped on desk

Scholars say they feel overwhelmed by demands, but there is scandalously little evidence on whether long hours make any sense for knowledge workers, finds David Matthews

Professor Brian Schmidt, Australian National University (ANU)

Astronomer comes with experience of running winery and pitches salary so he is not seen as ‘outsider’ by staff

Stressed businessman answering four telephones

Some surveys show faculty putting in at least 60 hours a week, but research casts doubt on whether this is a productive routine

Hand holding world map drawn in clouds

Heated debate and hours of staff time are worth it if students get the courses they need, says Charles Bailyn

Aged medical journals on shelf

Analysis of seven prominent medical journals finds randomised controlled trials are far less likely to receive a press release than weaker observational studies

Elderly man and women sitting on bench

Older white voters more hostile to state university funding if younger population is ethnically diverse, Californian study finds

Tourists visiting Selaron stairway, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Country’s standardised test shows improvements in undergraduates’ general and subject knowledge

United States map

Report from the Council of Graduate Schools contradicts 'common assumption' that international students choose US for doctoral degrees

Muslim cupola and Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth, Israel

Local officials wanted too much control over academic programmes at Nazareth branch campus, says Texas A&M

Judges scoring bridge jumping contest, Mostar, Bosnia

OECD head of education insists emulating Pisa school tests will improve teaching and lower fees

Businessman running with ball and chain on ankle

SRHE conference told that universities are at centre of ‘a race between competing social groups with unequal resources’

Youth population change between 2012 and 2025

British Council research forecasts that China will remain the top provider of international students

Thumbs up

A higher proportion of overseas students in the UK would recommend studying in the country, compared with those in other nations, study finds

Students raising hands during lesson

There is ‘often ill-informed reverence for the US system’, claims the director of the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education 

Native American costume

I had assumed stories about campus political correctness might be overblown. But the experience of my friend is an example of how deeply it permeates universities

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