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Boy with fingers in his ears

Anthony Monaco adds that the US has a more ‘holistic approach’ to recruiting students than the UK

rules, break, law

A teaching collaboration between two very different institutions worked better than either could have hoped, write John Simon and Thomas Schutte

Obituary: Henry Thomas James, 1915-2016

A highly innovative former dean of the Stanford School of Education has died

The week in higher education cartoon (20 October 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Man knocking on Britain’s door

The government is a broken record on overseas student numbers when all the evidence suggests that academic mobility is a win-win situation

Runner's hands placed in race starting position

Only one in 10 PhD graduates will work in academia. Institutions have to do more to ready the other nine for their careers, says a postdoctoral research fellow

Pierre-Paul Pariseau illustration (20 October 2016)

In embracing ‘cognitive capitalism’, US universities have moved from knowledge generation to income generation, argues Henry Heller

Young cleaning lady unhappy with work

Book of the week: Working through university crushes US students. Laurie Taylor fears the UK will share their pain

Female prisoners sitting in court room

Advocates for using education to help former inmates get their lives back on track say that current policies are deterring applications

Scientists using centrifuge in laboratory

Experts question whether funders are doing enough to tackle discrimination in grant applications

Man leaps from boat, China

Those who leave China to study are more likely to win jobs and promotion when they return, but local academics tend to take top administrative roles, analysis suggests

Nicholas Dirks at World Academic Summit 2016, Berkeley

Nicholas Dirks predicts politicians will rescue public institutions once they are convinced cost-cutting has reached its limit

Harvard Business School

But research shows Yale University graduates are most productive in Congress

Barack Obama

Higher education institutions must not be measured by their economic contribution alone, writes John Gill

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Students are too often micromanaged and policed while on campus, and it needs to stop, writes Frank Furedi

Donald Trump supporters holding placards

Ronald Daniels says universities have not fully comprehended ‘profound disillusionment’ within society

Person looking at starry night sky

Celestial bodies are stripped of mystery in a lively guide that sounds a warning, says Marcus Chown

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New figures show nearly two-thirds of European business schools reported increases in applications

Female students shopping for Princeton University sweatshirts

Book of the week: A history of the fight to share elite spaces focuses on gender over race and class, says Mary Evans

An employee works on a mannequin at the 'A Top Mannequin' factory

But academics argue against narrow teaching focus and warn that technical skills have a ‘half-life’