North America

People looking at cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton lying on road

Democratic nominee's policy leaves 'broken' system intact, experts fear

Young couple kissing, 1960s

Lincoln Allison takes a fond look back at the permissiveness prevalent at universities in the 1960s and 1970s, while a more ambivalent Susan Bassnett recalls a reality that didn’t quite live up to the nostalgic hype

Female doctor administering vaccine to small child

Helen Bynum on a study of current immunisation practices in North America and the rise of the home-grown expert

Businesspeople discussing how to reconnect

David Teece on how universities can build ‘dynamic capabilities’ to unlock revenue – and stay true to their mission

Snake oil salesman

Jeremy Berg warns scientists are straying into policy commentator roles

Gender balance

World University Rankings analysis highlights top female university leaders

Rowing team

International group plans new institution run by staff and students

Gender pay gap

More than three-quarters of staff who will receive pay rises are female or ethnic minorities


Event will take place in Berkeley, California, ahead of the THE World Academic Summit

Detective inspects floor

UK should introduce ‘much tighter regulations’ on private colleges, say CGHE researchers

Obituary: Ursula Franklin, 1921-2016

A leading physicist, activist and author has died

Stanford University students in solidarity for Brock Turner rape victim

A lawyer and a clinical psychologist in the US explain how America’s universities are becoming more ‘trauma-informed’

Female students being photographed by their mothers and sister before senior prom

Book of the week: ‘Helicopters’ or ‘bystanders’? Your folks’ behaviour can govern more than grades, says Hazel Christie

Person pressing Ctrl-Z on PC computer keyboard

Stefania Milan on the socio-legal complexities of digital redemption and digital reinvention

Young Saudi men cheering and celebrating

A scholar in the oil-rich state takes in Mecca, art and quiet transgressions, says Madawi Al-Rasheed

Professor Louise Richardson, University of Oxford

Analysis of THE World University Rankings data shows gender gap at top is gradually narrowing

Woman peeking through face of photo of university graduate

They can cause confusion about qualifications and embarrassment for institutions, so why are they awarded? Malcolm Gillies investigates

Participants fight during Fischerstechen fishermen joust competition

Study identifies institutions that have an opportunity to become globally renowned within the next decade

Black Lives Matter protestors, White House, Washington D.C.

Ana Mari Cauce, who is Cuban-American and gay, aims to improve race and identity relations on campus

Concealed weapon

Pro-gun group tries to block policy allowing concealed weapons ban in offices