North America

Yale-NUS College

Charles Bailyn's time in Asia has opened his eyes to the high regard in which a liberal arts education is still held internationally

Vernon Hill, Metro Bank, City University, Cass Business School

We talk to the US banking mogul about entrepreneurialism, carving a niche in British banking and contrarianism

Close-up of club sandwich

David Matthews reports from Canada on a model that gives students up to two years in work placements

One way street road sign, United Kingdom

Canadian academic argues people should get access to free higher education in return for their contribution to society

Swimmers in artificial wave pool, Suining, Sichuan province, China

David Matthews considers a flurry of ‘threats’ to the conveyor belt of arrivals and what Western campuses can do to shockproof their systems

Painting of woman reading letter

Book of the week: Academics need to hit the brakes and work to change the system they’re in, says Emma Rees


Governments overall are spending more of GDP on tertiary education but less on research

Group of men learning about breastfeeding

Experts mull over Jo Johnson’s aim to open sector to foreign companies and universities

Man grabbing papers

Purchase of research repository has horrified open access advocates who fear acquisition marks attempt to maintain control over publishing

Gathering of members of the Gay Liberation Movement

Angelia Wilson on a time in gay culture that no one forgot

Statue of William Shakespeare, Central Park, New York City

We are spellbound by an opus whose copies once gathered crumbs and scribbles, says Lisa Hopkins

Hunger strike pickets, Grunwick photo-processing laboratory, Willesden, London

Lisa Mckenzie on a study of the personal stories of female workers in different industries and the challenges they faced

Henry Bibb. Sojourner Truth and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Book of the week: Blacks were key agents in the international battle against slavery, Olivette Otele writes

Man holding big fish with UK bank note projected

Vice-chancellors have again come in for flak over what they are paid. We look at how their compensation packages compare with those of their international peers. Jack Grove runs the numbers

Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post

The founder of The Huffington Post tells us how much sleep deprivation impacts on students’ well-being and how it could account for Donald Trump’s idiosyncratic election campaign

Women in a street

Can intersectionality help transform policymaking or does it offer only an alienating new jargon?

Marcus Butt illustration (19 May 2016)

Being open about failure is one thing, but we must also look at how we define success, says Shahidha Bari

Student supporters of US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Alarm over Trump, coupled with excitement over Sanders, prompts students to try to boost turnout. Jon Marcus reports

Review: The Demon of Geopolitics, by Holger Herwig

Jörg Michael Dostal on whether one German thinker directly influenced Hitler’s geopolitics

Universities should take responsibility for the betterment of society, says Michael Crow