Middle East, North Africa, and Greater Arabia

Clive Oppenheimer and Wwerner Herzog standing beside volcano

Clive Oppenheimer recounts dodging lava bombs and gunmen as he guided the director to global hot spots for his film about volcanoes

Posters of people killed in anti-government protests, Tahrir Square, Cairo

Interviews with scholars in 14 countries highlight impact of security concerns on intellectual pursuits

Coins growing in soil (economic growth)

Victoria Bateman on why the Enlightenment took root in Europe and how it helped to spur economic expansion

First World War (WW1) memorial crosses and poppies

A. W. Purdue on the suffering of populations of multi-ethnic empires in the years after the Great War

Phil Baty, Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Phil Baty addresses the THE World Academic Summit 2016, and raises some fundamental questions about how higher education is viewed worldwide

Concorde enthusiast waves French flag

A lack of strategy and autonomy are to blame for French universities’ failure to keep pace on transnational education, study suggests

Unemployed people outside Tunisian Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment

More North African universities turn away from French and Arabic as languages of instruction

World University Rankings 2016-2017

The latest reaction to the World University Rankings as it comes in

Person standing on moving walkway

A long association with world rankings does not stop Times Higher Education from fine-tuning its approach, says Phil Baty

Climber being helped to climb mountain

Times Higher Education’s biggest analysis ever sees 980 institutions jostling for position in the most competitive world ranking to date. Ellie Bothwell reports

Businessman surrounded by globes of the world

An increasing drive to compare university offerings worldwide is hampered by the particular nature of teaching and learning, writes Paul Ashwin, professor of higher education, Lancaster University

Wheelchair at stairs

A lack of advice on access and support is a key reason why disabled students are less likely to leave their home country, campaigners say

Mobile phones used in class

Unhappiness at university and ‘fear of missing out’ could be driving distraction during lectures, study suggests

Tawfik Jelassi against backdrop of Jasmine Revolution, Tunisia

Tawfik Jelassi, universities minister after the Jasmine Revolution, on losing his anonymity and being taken hostage by students

Migrants walking to registration point, Germany

With 55,000 potential Syrian students in Europe, universities are using a series of workarounds to prevent a ‘lost generation’

Art critic examining painting

Seeking feedback from the well networked is better than gaining comments from famous scholars, a conference hears

New for 2016-2017

THE’s director of data and analytics Duncan Ross reflects on the work underpinning the 2016-2017 World University Rankings

Khartoum, Sudan

Concern over creation of 760-strong unit after unrest on country's campuses

Silhouette of people working on oil rig at sunset

Outgoing British Council director in Iraq sees reasons for optimism, despite rise of Islamic State

Young Saudi men cheering and celebrating

A scholar in the oil-rich state takes in Mecca, art and quiet transgressions, says Madawi Al-Rasheed

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