Middle East, North Africa, and Greater Arabia

Silhouette of people working on oil rig at sunset

Outgoing British Council director in Iraq sees reasons for optimism, despite rise of Islamic State

Young Saudi men cheering and celebrating

A scholar in the oil-rich state takes in Mecca, art and quiet transgressions, says Madawi Al-Rasheed

Woman peeking through face of photo of university graduate

They can cause confusion about qualifications and embarrassment for institutions, so why are they awarded? Malcolm Gillies investigates


American University of Afghanistan ‘devastated’ by abductions


China dominates the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars list

Turkish flag

Senior figure sees ‘strong signals’ that Turkey’s academy has been infiltrated, despite international criticism

Men helping woman to climb obstacle

Tuition rises have left middle classes ‘slammed’, and low African American enrolments can cause tensions, warns Gene Block

Israeli soldiers at the West Bank

Scholar argues that discussion could benefit from more light and less heat

Man working at Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME)

Sophie Cohen reports on a groundbreaking cross-border science project that aims to emulate Cern in bringing nations together despite their history 

Women dancing in field celebrating Spring Harvest

Projecting their hopes and fears on to Israel has polarised Jews in the US, says William Kolbrener

Giulio Regeni portrait

Six months after the PhD student’s murder in Egypt, John Elmes looks at the case and talks to those who were close to the promising young scholar

Small children looking at 'Carrots instead of ice lollies' sign

Scholar says overseas outposts cannot compete with universities abroad without delivering a ‘superior’ service

Turkish police officer standing in front of poster of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Unprecedented ’cleansing’ of academia may force many leading minds to leave the country, scholar warns

Silhouettes of Islamic terrorists aiming guns at sky

Unbeatable? This extremist group has little to offer in times of peace, says Christina Hellmich

Iraqi woman holding and protecting child in front of army tanks

The report’s deep meditation on foreign policy makes it more than an inquest into the failings of individuals and institutions in the conduct of the Iraq War, argues Glen Rangwala

Tailors measuring and adjusting man's suit
The active participation of universities is crucial to the accuracy and breadth of the information THE collects, writes Duncan Ross
Fishing beach in Bahrain

British College of Bahrain likely to reignite debate about country’s human rights record

Nick Shepherd illustration (23 June 2016)

Martin McQuillan and Shahidha Bari consider the Brexit debate and the higher education sector’s role in it

Obituary: Michael Feige, 1957-2016

A sociologist and anthropologist who investigated some of the most challenging aspects of Israeli society has died

Jean-Lou Chameau president of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Jean-Lou Chameau says new institution has established 'remarkable' research record since opening and has not been influenced by Saudi Arabian cultural issues