Kate Rigby, Bath Spa University

We talk Australian wildfires, the emerging field of environmental humanities and rock musician aspirations with Bath Spa’s new interdisciplinary professor

Swans on river Limmat, Zurich, Switzerland

ETH Zurich president says ERC alternative needed if pair exit EU research framework

Swiss town with flag of Switzerland and Swiss Alps (Matterhorn) in background

Will an Alpine holiday make Theresa May reflect on what is lost when science and education become collateral damage?

Woman walks past mural in favour of same-sex marriages

Institutions should also appoint ‘hate incident champions’ to encourage students to report abuse, says study

Miles Cole illustration (1 September 2016)

Are alternative income streams out there? Keith Burnett mulls all the options and the impact of Brexit in a marketised system

Academic audience watching Halka/Haiti 18°48´05˝N 72°23´01˝W

Nicholas Till on what it means to be moved by a piece of art after 30 years of critical practice

Men competing in pantomime horse race, Birmingham

In a THE survey, only three group members confirm they will participate in exercise amid suggestions that others are considering not taking part

Plastic bag full of baby dolls

Welfare state expert Peter Taylor-Gooby cheerfully admits his research has had no real-world influence – but hopes a book might

Mountain climber carrying safety mattress bearing Swiss flag

Can a research powerhouse retain access to EU funds after a referendum backing restrictions on free movement? John Morgan reports

University of Suffolk campus building

As Ipswich institution gains independence, Richard Lister says it is ‘absolutely right’ that new providers go through ‘proper level of scrutiny’

John Latham, Coventry University

New University Alliance chair John Latham ‘wouldn’t want to be unaligned’ as an institution

Paper being processed in paper mill

Banning ghostwriting services from advertising won’t stop students cheating, but four simple steps could hobble them, says Geoffrey Alderman

Piles of euro banknotes being counted and stacked

Book of the week: The decision process behind the euro has left the EU in an untenable position, says Lucia Quaglia

Michael Parkin illustration (1 September 2016)

A divided public and constitutional concerns make it impossible for Britain to pull out of the EU, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Portrait of Germaine de Staël, by François Gérard, 1810

Carla Hesse on a lively study examining the French thinker’s first intellectual passion

Man standing in road holding No Entry sign over face

Jack Grove asks whether the push to tackle gender inequality has led to discrimination against male scholars

Businessman making a choice

But teaching champion forced to forgo as much as £1.5 million of hoped-for income

Woman takes off mask

Women's submissions to a leading seminar were viewed more warmly once a gender-blind process was introduced

Young couple with baby next to house for sale sign

New College of the Humanities seeks £8.5 million while BPP University could be set for new ownership

Customer service team answering phones

London South Bank's chief operating officer says students deserve to receive the best service after institution wins recognition for customer satisfaction