Radcliffe Camera and All Souls College in Oxford

Louise Richardson also reiterates fears that EU academics may leave Oxford over Brexit

World University Rankings 2016-2017

The latest reaction to the World University Rankings as it comes in

Out of stock sign in shop

Hepi report says some universities should increase their funding for mental health services at least threefold

Student protesters marching through streets of Montreal

David Wheeler applauds a critique of the impact of neoliberal forces on higher education

Obituary: Dorothy Jones, 1930-2016

A microbiologist who revolutionised the classification of bacteria has died

Economic impact of research at UK, US and Japanese universities (22 September 2016)

This graph compares how UK, US and Japanese universities perform on measures of the economic impact of their research

Grant winners tab on folder

A round-up of recent recipients of research council cash

The week in higher education cartoon (22 September 2016)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Person celebrating reaching top of mountain

Funding, freedom from regulation and staff of the highest calibre are the keys to global success

Mitch Blunt illustration (22 September 2016)

The country’s learners and academics are more thoughtful, engaged and generous than their UK counterparts, says Sam Gilchrist Hall

Rolling Stones posing beside airport runway

Emma Rees is happily lost in a Sixties’ soundscape but wonders why there are so few female artists

Cumberland Bay viewed from sea

Tales of marooned mariners helped Britain to see itself as a global power, A. W. Purdue hears

Professor_Louise_Richardson_by_John_Cairns_4.9.15-A-20 University of Oxford Vice Chancellor

Louise Richardson says Asian and US universities are hot on Oxford’s heels while Brexit vote is already affecting the institution’s researchers

Child's eyes in front of collage of white businessmen

From decolonising curricula to ensuring right-wing viewpoints, calls for more representation and balance on campuses do not all share the same goals, says Tom Cutterham

Canadian workmen operating large construction vehicle

David Matthews reports from Canada on the Trudeau government’s plans to convert academic research into commercial gains

Person standing on moving walkway

A long association with world rankings does not stop Times Higher Education from fine-tuning its approach, says Phil Baty

Crowd of University College London (UCL) students relaxing in sunshine

As the UK prepares to exit the EU, we must urge policymakers not to drain the talent pool of international academics and students, writes Michael Arthur, president of University College London

Climber being helped to climb mountain

Times Higher Education’s biggest analysis ever sees 980 institutions jostling for position in the most competitive world ranking to date. Ellie Bothwell reports

Man in lab coat shouting from rock with megaphone

To remain relevant in a rapidly changing world, the global university sector must work harder to convey its value to policymakers and the wider public, says Hamish Coates, professor of higher education, University of Melbourne

Businessman surrounded by globes of the world

An increasing drive to compare university offerings worldwide is hampered by the particular nature of teaching and learning, writes Paul Ashwin, professor of higher education, Lancaster University

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