Tourists take a selfie and pose in front of the graffiti-covered mural at the East Side Gallery, a stretch of the Berlin wall

Major British Council research judges 26 nations’ openness to international higher education

However, director of the Oxford Martin School says 'disciplinary silos' were one factor contributing to 2008 financial crisis

Screaming man wearing sandwich board in street

Carolyn Wickware reports on how the degree model has regained its popularity in recent years

Man with coin monocle

Gearing research too far towards industry goals can lead to short-termist approach, warns Brian MacCraith

Capsizing raft

Literature on leadership development needs much improvement considering the sector’s importance to the UK economy, says report

An old mirror

Twitter may be a medium for academic vanity, but it also serves some very useful scholarly purposes, argues Les Back

Bayern v Chelsea, football match

National attitudes to universities echo the Bundesliga-Premier League contrast, says John Morgan

Old woman olding carer's hand

Academics will continue to have negligible impact on social policy unless they forge new collaborative relationships with service users, says Peter Beresford

Money collapsing

Tuition fee income increases sharply as funding council cash declines, latest sector-level data shows

Woman tearing up I can't sign

Schools and universities are increasingly looking at how improving personalities can boost social mobility. But in doing so, they may be forced to choose between teaching what is helpful, and what is true, says David Matthews


13 tips to make submitting your paper a breeze

Podcast (old microphone placed on office desk)

The latest edition of Times Higher Education discussed by our editorial team

Women and man standing on red carpet

But could arguments over washing-up, empty honesty boxes and milk be a thing of the past at De Montfort?

Car driving quickly into European motorway fast lane

With targeted help from the government, the country’s universities have reasserted their quality and regained their global standing

McGuire brothers squashing smaller wrestler

Contract terms bring criticism of funding council, but it defends ‘normal commercial practice’

Scott Jessop illustration (28 April 2016)

The junior doctor contract not only deters the lab work that leads to breakthroughs, it threatens quality of care, argues Amitava Banerjee

Tree-lined road stretching to horizon

Well-targeted mental health support can help students stay on track in an uncapped sector, says David Laws

Flying hot-air balloon shaped as car, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

There’s a tension between Germany’s desire to be in the global elite of higher education while remaining egalitarian. John Morgan reports

Man taking part in battle reenactment, Arundel Castle, England

John Morgan finds pro-EU stance of (most) graduates will be a key factor on 23 June, but also reveals much about current divisions in UK society

Male/female gender symbols drawn in chalk

Durham, Edinburgh and Queen’s University Belfast pick up inaugural awards for arts, humanities and social science departments