Thai students play soccer with elephants, 2014

Thailand’s institutions want to develop joint degrees with the UK, but hurdles remain in visa red tape and political instability

Two women take a selfie with Chinese flags

Interviews with MA students in UK suggest that although few agree with Chinese government line, compulsory courses dull development of independent thought

Korean wedding dress

Some universities have already overturned a ban on marriage and children among undergraduates, but it is still upheld in places

Panoramic landscape of Weiming lake in Peking University

China, fostering links with future leaders through its universities, is now playing the same game as Western nations, researcher says

Chinese graduates

Hong Kong scholar says students are embarking on postgraduate degrees to 'delay' unemployment 

Hong Kong skyline

Event will explore Asia's place in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Indian flag

Allegations of mistreatment by university raises questions of discrimination against 'untouchable' caste

Tsinghua Islamic State

Tsinghua University web page was changed to feature terrorist group fighters on horseback

Iran US flag collaboration

An American student who was on an intensive language programme affiliated with the University of Tehran is among the prisoners released following nuclear deal

Indian flag

Comments come amid debate over whether to permit for-profit institutions to operate in the country

Sun Yat-sen University student holding tray of food

British catering bosses have flown East to learn how to feed what is an increasingly vital student market. Richard McComb reports from China

Professor Brian Schmidt, Australian National University (ANU)

Astronomer comes with experience of running winery and pitches salary so he is not seen as ‘outsider’ by staff

Hand holding world map drawn in clouds

Heated debate and hours of staff time are worth it if students get the courses they need, says Charles Bailyn

US and China flags against blue sky

After fears that Chinese students are absorbing ‘Western values’, city authorities attempt to stymie pathway courses to foreign universities

United States map

Report from the Council of Graduate Schools contradicts 'common assumption' that international students choose US for doctoral degrees

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) campus

President Tony Chan puts rise to world stage down to money, research-active staff and the lure of Hong Kong

Scales of justice on courtroom table

Prosecutors accuse academics of colluding with publishers to boost their standing and sell more books

Judges scoring bridge jumping contest, Mostar, Bosnia

OECD head of education insists emulating Pisa school tests will improve teaching and lower fees

Youth population change between 2012 and 2025

British Council research forecasts that China will remain the top provider of international students

Rabindra Bharati University students forming circle, Holi Festival

BRICS and Emerging Economies Universities Summit hears that countries such as India should stop trying to play the West's game