Yale-NUS College

Charles Bailyn's time in Asia has opened his eyes to the high regard in which a liberal arts education is still held internationally

University of São Paulo Faculty of Law: Best universities in Latin America

Brazil dominates the list of Latin America’s best universities as judged by Times Higher Education’s Academic Reputation Survey

China flag, chinese

Marguerite Dennis explains how university student recruiters should plan for enrolling Chinese students

Silhouettes in front of advertising board, Tokyo, Japan

Joy Hendry on an after-dark fantasy land of Prince Charmings and their female customers

Dale Edwin Murray illustration (26 May 2016)

Energy, ingenuity and international outlook make HK a fertile territory for success, says Peter Mathieson

Swimmers in artificial wave pool, Suining, Sichuan province, China

David Matthews considers a flurry of ‘threats’ to the conveyor belt of arrivals and what Western campuses can do to shockproof their systems

Hong Kong skyscrapers

Asia ranking will be expanded to contain 200 institutions and will be exclusively previewed at THE's 2016 Asia Universities Summit


Governments overall are spending more of GDP on tertiary education but less on research

Group of men learning about breastfeeding

Experts mull over Jo Johnson’s aim to open sector to foreign companies and universities

Syrian refugees leaning out of train windows

Researchers have much to contribute to the study of law, education, engineering and healthcare, suggests new collection

Review: The Demon of Geopolitics, by Holger Herwig

Jörg Michael Dostal on whether one German thinker directly influenced Hitler’s geopolitics

Hunger strike pickets, Grunwick photo-processing laboratory, Willesden, London

Lisa Mckenzie on a study of the personal stories of female workers in different industries and the challenges they faced

A boat of Chinese students sinking

Research from the University of Warwick reveals a mismatch between the aspirations and final destinations of Chinese students at UK universities

Girls climb stairs

Loss of fee income if Britain leaves EU could be worth £700 million a year, claims new report

Children playing, viewed through open window, Dharavi, Mumbai

Why one academic takes her students to Dharavi, a large slum in Mumbai, to teach drama

Aerial view of harbour in Tokyo, Japan

A continent-hopping survey of garden cities mulls dreams, war and exclusion, says Richard J. Williams

Children playing, viewed through open window, Dharavi, Mumbai

An academic who takes students from the UK to Mumbai to lead a community theatre programme tells Chris Parr how the project affects all who take part

Tsinghua University students riding bicycles on campus

New book explores the anxieties of Peking and Tsinghua students caught between their parents, the Communist Party and new Western ideas about education

Hands with thumbs up (approval) illustration

Among all the changes in an international higher education sector, one constant is the primacy of integrity and quality

Indian Youth Congress (IYC) demonstrators, Indian Parliament, New Delhi, India

What do protests at the University of Hyderabad and Jawaharlal Nehru University tell us about India’s ‘messy democracy’?

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