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Middle East map

Sophie Cohen reports on a groundbreaking cross-border science project that aims to emulate Cern in bringing nations together despite their history 

China flag, chinese

New report indicates that more doesn’t always mean more equal

Small children looking at 'Carrots instead of ice lollies' sign

Scholar says overseas outposts cannot compete with universities abroad without delivering a ‘superior’ service

Man walking across congested street, Yangon, Myanmar

New government is opening up to the wider world, but much remains to be done, says British Council country director

Yale-NUS College sign

To effectively embed experiential learning, the whole university needs to buy into the idea, says Trisha Craig

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey

Hundreds of deans have been ordered to resign while academics have been told not to travel abroad for work in the wake of the failed coup

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