Translating national goals into global impact

1-2 April 2020, Pretoria, South Africa

What is the THE  Southern Africa Impact Forum?

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals have provided a widely recognised and meaningful framework for policymakers, investors, academics and activists to orientate their mission and purpose towards addressing global challenges. However, while the challenges – and ambitions to meet them – might be universally applicable, restrictive political, socio-economic and geographic boundaries exist that can obstruct the necessary translation of research into political application with real impact.

At the inaugural THE Southern African Universities Impact Forum, leaders and subject experts from higher education institutions across the region will convene to share research, ideas and solutions to address and confront the key issues that affect the ability of higher education institutions to create a positive impact on society, with a special focus on SDG2 – zero hunger.

Our speakers

Adam Habib
Vice-chancellor and principal
University of the Witwatersrand
Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg
African Women in Agricultural Research and Development
Tawana Kupe
University of Pretoria
Joanna Newman
CEO and secretary general
Association of Commonwealth Universities
Funmi Olonisakin
Vice-president and vice-principal (international)
King's College London

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