Visa information

You must possess a valid passport or travel document which is valid for at least three months following the projected exit from the territory of the member states, and must have been issued within the last 10 years. Citizens from any state of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein only need a valid national identity document or passport. Citizens from the UK and Ireland will require a passport since their countries are not members of the Schengen Area.

Travellers from some countries are required to obtain a visa to visit Spain, unless you have a valid residence permit or a valid long-term visa issued by another member state. Please click here to check the entry requirements and whether you will need a visa. If you are required to apply for a visa, your application must be submitted and approved before you board your flight. We recommend you complete your visa requirements as early as possible to avoid any potential problems. If your visa application requires a formal invitation letter, please ensure that the necessary fields are completed during your online registration to the forum.