Boom not bust:
securing university finances in uncertain times

16 March 2020
Birmingham, UK

Join this important event, organised by Times Higher Education in partnership with HSBC UK, where UK university finance teams meet with finance industry experts to discuss the key challenges facing higher education institutions in the new decade. Attendees will have access to new insight into the sector, institutional finance data analysis and panel sessions exploring how smart financial planning and robust risk management can support institutional sustainability and stability.




Reasons to attend

Delve into the income portfolios of universities in England and Wales and consider whether our current assessments of financial security show the whole picture.

Join a panel session on threats to the financial stability of today’s UK higher education sector in which a group of higher education experts will examine hot topics such as the financial challenges of talent retention, pensions, international student recruitment and overseas operations.

Meet the universities that can demonstrate best practice in financial planning, investment solutions and restructuring.

In a session to help UK universities navigate financial pressures, join HSBC UK and other financial experts in reviewing strategies for challenges such as protecting and growing student numbers and preparing for the impact of Brexit as they instil a corporate mindset into university finance teams.

Our speakers

More speakers coming soon
Martin Chapman
Patrick Fuller
University of West London
Martine Garland
Lecturer and researcher
Aberystwyth University Business School
Jeanne Harrison
Vice president - senior analyst
Rachel Hewitt
Director of policy and advocacy
Higher Education Policy Institute
Paul Jump
Editor (features and opinions)
Ian Robinson
Head of public sector and education
Sarah Seed
Mills & Reeve LLP

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