Future-proofing your university's estate

14 May 2020
The Shard, London, UK

What is the THE  Estates Management Symposium?

Planning for the next generation of students needs to start now. But in a period of economic uncertainty with technological advances happening at breakneck speed, how can those in charge of university estates decide where best to invest and build for tomorrow’s students and academics?

With sustainability high on the agenda, the environmental impact of any future development cannot be ignored. How can our universities ensure they are fit for this ever-evolving future – and that their impact is a positive one?

At Times Higher Education’s inaugural Estates Management Symposium, we bring together leading figures across academia and industry to examine how these challenges can be met. We will hear new ideas on shaping the estate to suit a fast-changing curriculum, discover innovative ways in which industry-university collaborations can fund redevelopment, and reaffirm how civic engagement must be a fundamental consideration for universities.

Experts in their fields, including university leaders, directors of estates, industry heads and sustainability leaders, will share their case studies, research and strategies to offer their vision for our universities of the future, helping the sector prepare its institutions for 2030 and beyond.

The event will enable delegates to network with key stakeholders to explore opportunities for collaboration as they navigate this new landscape.

Distinguished speakers

More speakers coming soon
Jeremie Brecheisen
Senior managing consultant
David Cardwell
Pro vice-chancellor for strategy and planning
University of Cambridge
Frank Coton
Vice-principal of academic planning and technological innovation
University of Glasgow
Mary Pierre-Harvey
Director of estates and campus services
Oxford Brookes University
Jane White
Executive director
Association of University Directors of Estates


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