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21 October 2020 | 09:30 - 17:00

What have we learned about the digitalisation of higher education in 2020? This one-day virtual forum brings together experts from across higher education to examine the evolving role of digital technologies in the transformation and preservation of higher education around the world.

Questions we will ask include:

  • Has the impact of Covid-19 accelerated existing trends or catalysed new strategic innovations entirely?
  • Has online learning created a more level playing field or do we risk creating new inequalities?
  • What are the essential skills academics need in order to deliver high-quality online courses – or do we risk being replaced by robots?
  • Do we understand how to use the right data to improve student engagement and success?
  • How is digital technology empowering researchers to adapt their techniques and models of collaboration, and to improve impact?

Join us to evaluate the lessons learnt and share your visions of the priorities for the coming decade of digital transformation.


Virtual platform

The forum will be facilitated by our new immersive virtual events platform. Our online environment enables you to connect with delegates from around the world, access essential content and create new partnerships through this time of global separation.

Our speakers include

Timirkhan Alishev
Vice-rector for international cooperation
Kazan Federal University
Maeve Fitzpatrick
Head of international research development
University of Nottingham
Ian Holliday
Vice-president and pro vice-chancellor of teaching and learning
University of Hong Kong
Kai-Lung Hui
Associate dean
HKUST Business School
Diana Laurillard
Professor of learning with digital technology
UCL Institute of Education
Danielle McNamara
Director of the SoLET laboratory and professor of psychology
Arizona State University
Sharron McPherson
Singularity University South Africa
Ebba Ossiannilsson
Swedish Association for Distance Education
David Ouchterlonie
Associate director of global engagement (strategy support)
University of Nottingham
Shuaiguo Wang
Chief operating officer

Global partners

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