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Greetings from the University of Johannesburg

Africa’s universities are at the forefront of the continent’s revitalisation. To realise Africa’s renewal, our challenge is to nurture a critical mass of world-class universities with diverse missions that contribute towards the production of highly skilled people to meet Africa’s research and innovation needs. The Times Higher Education Africa Universities Forum will explore how universities can power Africa’s renaissance for the fourth industrial revolution and how we can build a shared global legacy.

Under THE’s Global Forum Series, the University of Johannesburg is thrilled to help bring together some of the continent’s most dynamic leaders and thinkers, across teaching, research, business and policymaking, to share their expertise and best practice, as well as to share ideas for the future of Africa’s universities.

The University of Johannesburg and THE share the view that Africa is an emerging continent within the traditional global university rankings, although it is still grappling with a range of needs and priorities that are sometimes at odds with the traditional, global, elite research universities and often not recognised by ranking bodies.

Thus, this event will not only examine and celebrate African universities that are determined to be at the forefront of knowledge creation alongside the best in the world, it will also investigate new ways to capture a wider range of university missions and provide performance analyses on a broader set of institutions with a national or African focus.

We look forward to welcoming you to South Africa for the THE Africa Universities Forum.

Tshilidzi Marwala
Vice-chancellor and principal
University of Johannesburg

About University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg is an Afropolitan international university with an identity of inclusion – a university that is transforming lives and diversifying professions. It is proudly South African, rooted in the vibrant and multicultural city of Johannesburg, reflecting the city’s energy and embracing its diversity with equal passion.

At UJ, “The Future. Reimagined” is not simply a catchy phrase. The institution is taking the lead in Africa in fourth industrial revolution thinking, reimagining the future in all disciplines.

The university embodies the core principles of critical thinking and meaningful collaboration. It is firmly anchored in Africa and aims to dynamically shape the future. Through these principles, we give our students the competitive advantage they need to compete on the global stage. But, more importantly, we attract the best minds from around the world to engage with these budding leaders in reimagining the future.

UJ’s students, mentors, teachers and thought leaders are making a difference, not only in South Africa, but across the African continent and the world. With exposure to world-class facilities, proven structures of support and award-winning academic staff – all geared towards feeding imaginations in a safe, equal-opportunity environment – we are seeding the world with a new generation who will lead with imagination, creativity and the power to see far beyond our present.

As a respected research institution, the university is leading the new wave of thought through a multidisciplinary approach to practical solutions that will make a real difference: from exploring the impact of early childhood development; to the exciting space of artificial intelligence, process automation and smart cities; to developing nanotechnology capable of removing pollutants from water. We are investigating the sustainability of global resources through earth sciences, looking at our past to learn about our future.

Our four campuses offer students a choice of vocational, traditional, professional and postgraduate academic programmes across eight faculties: Art, Design and Architecture; Education; Engineering and the Built Environment; Health Sciences; Humanities; Law; Science; and the College of Business and Economics.

UJ students also have access to a world-class environment for sport, art and culture and are guided through experience programmes to develop both personal and academic skills. As UJ alumni, they go on to become game-changers in their chosen careers. Individuals who embody UJ values: have the freedom, innovation and independence to dynamically shape the future; engage meaningfully with others; see fresh opportunities and connections where others see none; and continually respect and advance each other and humanity.

Staff and students of the university come from more than 50 countries in Africa and around the world. We have built links, partnerships and exchange agreements with leading African and international institutions that further enrich the academic, social and cultural diversity on each of our campuses.

UJ has positioned itself within the rich diversity of South Africa’s community and continues to draw on existing and latent intellectual capacity, leadership and innovation in all communities and further afield, as it delivers on its vision to be a premier African institution. The university continues to build a culture of inclusion that embraces South Africa’s rich history, cultures, languages, religions, genders and races, and its social and economic statuses.