US Student Survey Distribution 2021 - Materials

Thank you for committing to participate in distributing the THE US Student Survey.

The survey is now open and will run through May 2020.  You can choose when during this time to share with your students. All respondents will go through an email verification process using their institutional email address in order to ensure the student actually attends the institution they are scoring. Ideally, the survey should go out to all taught students (at Undergraduate or Masters level), and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

We have put together a media pack (below) to make distribution as easy as possible. We have also provided an email template (below) for you to use in your email campaign to students. Please ensure you amend the template to include the 'Email URL' included in the body of our email message to you. 

We also include promotional materials for your use if you would prefer to promote the survey on your website or through social media sites e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
When promoting the survey in any way other than email, please make sure you use the 'Social media / website URL' as included in our email message to you.

Please ensure you use the correct URL as this is used in our validation process. 

  • 'Email' URL - to be used in all email campaigns sent directly to students
  • 'Other' URL - to be used for any social media / website promotion