Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2017

The Times Higher Education Young University Rankings, will be published at 15.01 (BST) on 5 April (00.01 Sydney time on 6 April).

The Young University Rankings, previously known as the THE 150 Under 50 Rankings but now extended to include 200 institutions, apply the same performance indicators as the overall THE World University Rankings, with young universities measured on their teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income. However, the methodology has been carefully recalibrated, with reputation counting for less, to reflect the special characteristics of younger universities. 

We are also very excited to reveal that the THE editorial supplement will include an analysis of universities compared against a narrower class of institutions of a similar age. This should be very good news for your external affairs team to convey to students, staff and alumni.  Follow the links below learn more about this analysis, and how your institution compares against your peers in these groups (Please note that these links will go live at 15.01 (BST) on the 5th April).

To be included in the Young University Rankings or featured in the THE Young features and analyses is a significant achievement. To promote this, take advantage of the logos in our media pack below. Should you wish to publish the news on your university website or issue a press release, please contact us to find out more about doing so. Here, you will be able to request assistance from our dedicated branding team to help maximise your impact.

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