Subjects by STEM vs. Non-STEM

Reference Used In STEM
Academic studies in education No
Accounting Yes
Aerospace engineering Yes
African studies No
Agricultural sciences Yes
Agriculture Yes
American studies No
Anatomy, physiology & pathology Yes
Ancient language studies No
Animal science Yes
Anthropology No
Archaeology Yes
Architecture Yes
Architecture, building & planning Yes
Artificial intelligence Yes
Astronomy Yes
Aural & oral sciences Yes
Australasian studies No
Biological sciences Yes
Biology Yes
Biotechnology Yes
Botany Yes
Building Yes
Business & administrative studies No
Business studies No
Celtic studies No
Ceramics & glass No
Chemical, process & energy engineering Yes
Chemistry Yes
Chinese studies No
Cinematics & photography No
Civil engineering Yes
Classical Greek studies No
Classical studies No
Clinical dentistry No
Clinical medicine No
Combined/general subject unspecified No
Comparative literary studies No
Complementary medicines, therapies & well-being No
Computer generated visual & audio effects Yes
Computer science Yes
Crafts No
Creative arts & design No
Dance No
Design studies No
Development studies No
Drama No
Eastern, Asiatic, African, American & Australasian languages, literature & related subjects No
Economics No
Education No
Electronic & electrical engineering Yes
Engineering Yes
English studies No
European languages, literature & related subjects No
European studies No
Finance Yes
Fine art No
Food & beverage studies No
Forensic & archaeological sciences Yes
Forestry & arboriculture Yes
French studies No
Games No
General engineering Yes
Genetics Yes
Geology Yes
German studies No
Health informatics Yes
Heritage studies No
Historical & philosophical studies No
History No
Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport No
Human & social geography No
Human resource management No
Imaginative writing No
Information services Yes
Information systems Yes
Japanese studies No
Journalism No
Landscape & garden design No
Latin studies No
Law No
Linguistics No
Linguistics, classics & related subjects No
Management studies No
Marketing No
Mass communications & documentation No
Materials science Yes
Materials technology not otherwise specified Yes
Mathematics Yes
Mechanical engineering Yes
Media studies No
Medical technology Yes
Medicine & dentistry Yes
Microbiology Yes
Modern Middle Eastern studies No
Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry Yes
Music No
Naval architecture Yes
Nursing No
Nutrition Yes
Office skills No
Operational research Yes
Other Asian studies No
Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy Yes
Philosophy No
Physical geographical sciences Yes
Physical sciences Yes
Physics Yes
Planning (urban, rural & regional) No
Politics No
Polymers & textiles Yes
Portuguese studies No
Pre-clinical dentistry No
Pre-clinical medicine No
Pre-clinical veterinary medicine No
Production & manufacturing engineering Yes
Psychology No
Publicity studies No
Publishing No
Research & study skills in education No
Russian & East European studies No
Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments Yes
Social policy No
Social studies No
Social work No
Sociology No
Software engineering Yes
South Asian studies No
Spanish studies No
Sport & exercise science Yes
Statistics Yes
Subjects allied to medicine No
Technologies Yes
Theology & religious studies No
Training teachers No
Veterinary sciences, agriculture & related subjects Yes
Clinical veterinary medicine & dentistry No
Italian studies No
Maritime technology Yes
Metallurgy Yes
Minerals technology Yes
Ophthalmics No
Scandinavian studies No