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THE World University Rankings THE podcast: World University Rankings 2015-2016 results

The results of the 2015-2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, discussed by the THE editorial team.

mic, microphone, podcast THE podcast: 24-30 September 2015 issue review

This week's edition discussed by the Times Higher Education team

David Humphries illustration (24 September 2015) Words fail us: university marketing-speak 1

A Russell Group tagline rap is further proof that we need to reform the academy’s approach, argues Philip Moriarty

Arsene Wenger, Theo Walcott, Arsenal, Barclays Premier League match Why experiment with UK science funding? 1

Naomi Weir urges caution in the face of plans to reform an efficient research funding system

Hand cutting red cloth with scissors Cut from a different cloth 1

In an age of extroverts, a scholar’s paean to shyness and Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘radio phone-in’ PMQs tack against the prevailing winds

Mark Edmundson, University of Virginia THE podcast: 17-23 September 2015 issue review

This week's issue discussed by the Times Higher Education team

Nate Kitch illustration (17 September 2015) To stop REF game playing, why not let everyone take part? 1

David Price argues that axeing staff selection would remove the temptation to manipulate data and protect careers

Cabbage on conveyor belt with melons What have we learned from the Reproducibility Project? 1

Did a huge research replication exercise do a power of good? ask Wolfgang Stroebe and Miles Hewstone

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Felipe Fernández-Armesto illustration How US higher education takes care of its poor 1

The American system isn’t ideal but it beats the UK’s, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Stephen Curry columnist illustration Let’s be more frank with colleagues and students 1

Being head of undergraduate studies was an eye-opener for Stephen Curry

Shahidha Bari columnist illustration When high achievers fail to make the grade 1

Shahidha Bari on academics’ strange relationship with the idea of failure

Sally Feldman columnist illustration It’s not fair to go on for ever 1

Older academics need to make room for the young, says Sally Feldman

Christopher Bigsby illustration (6 August 2015) A dangerous downgrade: undervaluing the arts 1

What price will we pay for taking the humanities for granted? asks Christopher Bigsby

Alan Ryan columnist illustration Kant is my co-driver: philosophy and driverless cars 1

Should autonomous vehicles have ethics programmed in? asks Alan Ryan

Felipe Fernández-Armesto illustration Academics’ digs: chambers of horror? 1

Felipe Fernández-Armesto upgrades his view on accommodation for visiting scholars after a trip to Santander

Philip Moriarty columnist illustration In praise of PowerPoint 1

Philip Moriarty stands up for the much-maligned presentation tool

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Universities to scale back liberal arts and social science courses

  • David Humphries illustration (24 September 2015)

A Russell Group tagline rap is further proof that we need to reform the academy’s approach, argues Philip Moriarty

  • World University Rankings 2015-2016 methodology

Change for the better: fuelled by more comprehensive data, the 2015-2016 rankings probe deeper than ever

  • World University Rankings

US continues to lose its grip as institutions in Europe up their game

Inspired by previous movement in 1960s, PhD students say that ‘science is not neutral’ and urge scientists to confront their assumptions