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2019 年度欧洲教学排名
Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 4NR, United Kingdom

History and Politics - University of Winchester

- Develop an informed awareness of the contemporary world and a clear understanding of the historical roots of its ideas and problems, as well as its social, economic and political structures - Our accessible and committed staff teach and research across a wide range of topics, from medieval to modern periods and across all the continents - Develop a range of transferable skills that can be applied to a variety of rewarding careers - Visit and engage with historic and political sites and communities, both nationally and internationally; recent fields trips have included Washington DC and Auschwitz Understanding the past is crucial to facing the political challenges of the future. Our History and Politics degree challenges you to interpret the history of societies and political cultures critically and imaginatively. Studying these two complementary subjects together will not only help you understand how the world works but why it works that way. This versatile programme examines compelling global issues such as the world economy, religions, environmentalism and international relations, covering Britain, Western Europe, the USA, Eastern Europe and East Asia. As well gaining a firm academic grounding in the workings of history and politics, you select modules from a stimulating range of global concerns and historic periods. The course culminates with a written project, bringing together the skills you acquire over three years of study. In Year 1, you assess a variety of historical periods and cultures around the world, including Asia, Europe and America. Politics topics include international relations, political philosophies and political economy. You also examine contemporary issues in global studies such as America’s role as a hegemonic power and current and future challenges to its pre-eminence. You choose from a range of optional modules in Year 2, focusing on reading original documents and giving oral presentations. Optional History modules focus on global issues in the modern world based around cultures, societies or themes. Study in Year 3 is more in-depth – you complete a supervised dissertation and study Research Methods and Debates in Globalisation. In History, you can explore topics such as genocide and the Holocaust. The Politics modules deepen study of contemporary issues, debates and controversies such as Political Islam in the Middle East, and environmental concerns. Our tutors pride themselves on the quality of their teaching and their commitment to developing your academic potential as an individual. History and Politics students garner a range of transferable skills which can be applied to a variety of rewarding careers. These skills include: effective research methods, clarity of expression, critical thinking and the capacity for argument and debate. Our graduates pursue careers in heritage and museums, politics, journalism, nongovernment organisations (NGOs), charities, interest groups and lobbying, consultancy, the civil and foreign service and teaching. Some of our graduates go on to postgraduate study at Winchester or elsewhere; there is a clear pathway from graduation to our existing MAs in Managing Contemporary Global Issues and in History.