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Blanco 951, Valparaíso, Chile

关于 University of Valparaíso

The University of Valparaíso (UV) was established in 1981, as a state-funded public institution, following the economic reforms to create public regional universities, undertaken under the Chilean military rule which lasted until 1990.

The majority of its buildings are situated near the national congress building in the centre of Valparaíso, however some buildings, such as the faculty of humanities and the faculty of economics, are based in the nearby Viña del Mar. It also has a selection of other campuses in the Quinta region and in Santiago, 100km from Valparaíso.

UV’s teaching, research and outreach programmes are undertaken through its 10 faculties, 41 undergraduate programmes, 38 graduate programmes, 37 health and dentistry specialisations and 19 research centres.

It focuses on business, however there is also a Latin American regional and cultural department for history, economics and sociology courses. Its other strengths include psychology, philosophy and marine biology.

Valparaíso is known as Chile’s college town and the higher education institutions contribute to a large proportion of its economy. There are three other universities besides UV but these are all more campus-based than UV.

As the main port and historical centre of Chile, Valparaíso is bustling but remains relaxed, offering beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and plenty of activities, especially for Pablo Neruda fans (the Chilean poet lived and worked in Valparaíso).

Viña del Mar is a short bus ride away and although it is known as Chile’s “garden city,” it is famous for its stunning beaches.

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