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History with Economics (2-year degree) - University of Buckingham

History can be studied at Buckingham as a Major. This means that you study two-thirds History and one-third Economics (or English Literature, Journalism or Politics). This is not a pick-and-mix degree; the minor subjects are designed to integrate with the History modules. The History Major is a new programme. It has been carefully designed and fine-tuned by Buckingham’s team of experienced and high-calibre historians. The History Major offers outline and conceptual modules which concentrate on the period from 1800 to the present day – though we do study some earlier periods too. Students progress to study the history of history and to reflect on historical method. In the last part of the course we study historical documents and texts, and develop research and writing skills through a long essay and a dissertation. So the programme not only teaches history; it also teaches you to think historically and to research and write history. History is one of the five most popular subjects among UK university students, and with good reason. Having a historical perspective enables people to make sense of today’s rapidly changing world. Employers like it, because history teaches you to think for yourself, to work under pressure, and to construct a coherent argument from the evidence. Historical research has never been more exciting than it is today, with the Internet making available so many treasures from the archives. The Economics modules examine decision-making in the context of a market economy, and the institutional supports for such an economy to operate effectively. They deal with cutting-edge issues, such as the problems of achieving macroeconomic and exchange-rate stability, and also issues from the wider economic field: the allocation of resources to health, and raising environmental quality, for example.

  • Qualification
    Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) - BA (Hons)
  • Study mode
  • Duration
    2 years
  • Start date
  • Location
    Main Site,BuckinghamUnited Kingdom
  • Fees & Finances
  • EU Whole course £25,200
  • England Whole course £25,200
  • Northern Ireland Whole course £25,200
  • Scotland Whole course £25,200
  • Wales Whole course £25,200
  • Channel Islands Whole course £25,200
  • International Whole course £34,800