Federal University of Ceará (UFC)

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Av. da Universidade, 2853 - Benfica, Fortaleza, Ceará, 60020-181, Brazil

关于 Federal University of Ceará (UFC)

The Federal University of Ceará, or UFC, was founded in 1955 in the state of Ceará, north-eastern Brazil.

The purpose of its founding was to broaden access to effective higher-education for as many people in the Ceará region as possible. As such, it is a state institution that operates multiple campuses across Ceará, in five different cities. Three of the largest campuses can be found in the city of Fortaleza, the state capital of Ceará.

Located right on the Brazilian coast, Fortaleza is one of the largest cities in the country, and a major economic hub in the region. The Fortaleza campuses are home to schools of medicine, law, and various scientific disciplines, among others. Similar facilities also exist on smaller campuses in the cities of Sobral, Barbalha, Russas, and Quizada.

Academically, the university offers over 100 undergraduate courses and a similar number of graduate equivalents, in addition over 30 doctoral courses are available as well as research opportunities. These cover a wide range of subjects from biology to law. In addition, the Federal University of Ceará also has places available for postgraduate students looking to study abroad and take in the culture and climate of South America.

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