UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney is a powerhouse of cutting-edge research, teaching and innovation.

Established in 1949, we are one of the top 100 universities in the world, with more than 59,000 students and a 7,000-strong research community. 

As a global university, we aim to have an impact on people’s lives around the world. UNSW is committed to making a difference through pioneering research and preparing the next generation of talented global citizens for career success.

Our ambitious 2025 Strategy – an innovative, ambitious, altruistic roadmap designed to harness our resources and optimise our positive impact on society – is aimed at achieving this.

We believe our world is at a critical point in the advancement of humanity, and education and research provide a fundamental platform upon which social transformation can take place.

As we consider the challenges of the 21st century that our research is addressing, for example health and ageing, a changing world economy, climate change and energy, and artificial intelligence, we need people who know how to think deeply, collaborate and innovate.

We are informing policy and expert commentary, and are on a path to deliver academic excellence, as well as a major program built on equity, diversity and inclusion.

In addition, our national and international networks support our belief that strength through collaboration and generosity in partnerships will enable society to solve its greatest challenges.

We want those who are part of our community to share in the vibrant and diverse experience that is UNSW.