AI transformers like ChatGPT are here, so what next?

Artificial intelligence in academia is nothing new. However, the ease with which ChatGPT and other AI writing programmes generate essays, research articles or songs has sent tremors across the higher education sector. Will it be a liberating force for good that frees up cognitive space for deeper thinking? Or does its potential for cheating and shortcuts signal the end of critical thinking and academic integrity? The truth, as ever, probably lies somewhere in between, but one thing is sure: we cannot ignore it. This resource collection offers insight into the technology’s potential impact, advice on how educators should respond and ideas on how to use it in assessments or lesson planning. ChatGPT itself even offers suggestions on how to use it in the classroom.

Business students writing prompts for AI

Embrace AI tools to improve student writing

Rather than trying to keep it out of the classroom, here are some ways faculty can facilitate more effective use of ChatGPT for writing assignments

Pamela Bourjaily

University of Iowa