The week in HE illustration (28 September 2017)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Kids looking through bakery window

Data analysis by THE suggests some universities would take a hit of more than £25 million if fees were slashed to £7,500 for classroom subjects

Nobel laureates

Some researchers worry that lack of female laureates devalues prestigious awards


Cost of compliance with Home Office rules uncovered by Study Group

Margaret Casely-Hayford

The Coventry chancellor talks about being inspired by protest, managing a rap artist and being a pioneer as a black woman in law

Police complaint is filed against Delhi University lecturer after he posted comment on Facebook

Man taking money

Move comes after country’s top anti-corruption chief turns attention to Italy’s universities

National Autonomous University of Mexico

Staff and students at the National Autonomous University of Mexico return to studies

China flag

Move follows government accusation that ideological and political work at some top institutions was weak

People waving Turkish flag

Intense polarisation of Turkish diaspora, plus online harassment, means refugee scholars feel they are being watched

Russian dolls in London Eye

Greater democratic development in post-Soviet nations when students head for EU rather than Russia, study finds

Harvard University campus

Stanford loses lead spot in 2018 Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education league table 

London, Waterloo Bridge,

Peter Agre, Ed Byrne and Nicholas Dirks speak to Times Higher Education at the 2017 World Academic Summit in London

Dalai Lama

Scholarship organisation reportedly decides to stop supporting academic exchanges with the University of California, San Diego

Scholars at Risk counts 257 assaults and persecutions on higher education communities over past year

Chicken in an egg

Figures suggest young people choose subjects according to present balance of a country’s economy

Asia reflection

Challenge for UK as Asian research diaspora returns home, says China-born member of PM's science council

Scientists working together

Multinational research teams can now bid for money in any scientific area, although funders do not expect security-sensitive projects

Simon Birmingham

Simon Birmingham brushes off criticism of 'rivers of gold' comments on university funding

Chinese censorship protester

Publishers should consult with journal editors over censorship requests, says China Quarterly committee member

Connected city

Institutions should ensure global connections and local links support each other, summit hears

Red rose

Shadow industrial strategy minister says scrapping fees essential for universities' civic mission

Working on an allotment

Work with communities and industry should be better captured by league tables, summit hears

Gary Neville

Critics claim move makes it 'too easy' for new providers to use ‘university’ in name