University of Oxford Encaenia Procession 2010. Porter watching

MPs back liberal visa regime to combat Brexit brain drain

Next UK government must move swiftly to ease uncertainty threatening university sector, says Commons Education Committee

Blue-collar advantage: how working-class academics can bring us together

Scholars with working-class backgrounds are ideally placed to change how academics are perceived, says Stefanie Stiles

Le Pen or Macron? The choice for France

Matthew Reisz reflects on what the two remaining presidential candidates might mean for higher education

Education concept sign. Knowledge transfer on building

Biggest winners in knowledge transfer funding revealed

Some research-intensive universities grew value of collaborations by more than 20 per cent in 2015-16

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University of Oxford Encaenia Procession 2010. Porter watching
Next UK government urged to ease uncertainty threatening university sector
refugee class Jordan
Partnership hopes to play its part in ‘preventing a lost generation’ in the Middle East
Colouring pencils

Satirical take on sector also has serious message for university leaders, says author

Education concept sign. Knowledge transfer on building

Some research-intensive universities grew value of collaborations by more than 20 per cent in 2015-16


Research excellence framework maintains discrimination in academy, says thesis

European Union (EU) flags flying

European Union students enrolling next year will pay the same fees as UK students

As the country succeeds in attracting even more students from overseas, a mixture of demographics, ‘soft power’ concerns and local politics help explain its policy

Washing up

Government concessions needed ‘if it is not to lose its bill’, senior Labour peer warns

Participants enjoying bubble soccer

Critics call proposal for world-first professional recognition system ‘demented’

Bookie at horse races. Betting

Peer review process punishes academics who ‘challenge the dogma’ of their field, scientists claim

University application approved

‘Overwhelming’ evidence that initiatives targeted at disadvantaged groups increase access

 September 10, 2016: Hungarian policemen watching the Serbia Hungarian border fence

Hungarian prime minister says the ‘milk has curdled’ with institution’s support for immigrants

Filing cabinets

US study suggests women perform more ‘service’ work in universities

Sir Christopher Ricks
Critic discusses Trump, Bob Dylan and what university teaching can learn from Quentin Tarantino


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People crawling under a net

The official weekly newsletter of the University of Poppleton. Finem respice!

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Whitewater rafting
Building a world-class institution from scratch is easier said than done, warns Jamil Salmi

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