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Is it time to reassess student assessment?

The pandemic has accelerated numerous experiments in assessment for the digital age, moving beyond simple knowledge recall. But is the traditional exam really obsolete? As the dust settles on another marking season, seven academics give their widely differing views

22 July

There is still much controversy about whether the virus that causes Covid-19 was released from a laboratory. David Sanders considers the nature of ‘gain-of-function’ research, what it can teach us – and the safeguards we need to put in place

Shutting off the talent pipeline into the creative industries risks the UK’s reputation for creativity and its potential for growth, says Anne Carlisle

Editor's pick

We all need to be strategic about where we devote our service time – especially those of us most inclined to say ‘yes’, say seven academics

Student satisfaction fell as the pandemic disrupted campus life, and while assessment wasn’t singled out, it’s worth assessing how fit it is for the future

Summer reading 2021

The summer is traditionally when academics turn to the big, serious books they don’t otherwise have time for or grab the chance for a bit of escapism. The pandemic has raised some major new issues they might want to grapple with but also increased the need to switch off. Here our contributors offer their personal thoughts on what they are going to read for enlightenment and for fun

22 July

Stephen Mumford enjoys a brilliant analysis of what has gone wrong with the world’s most popular sport, which is less convincing on solutions

The linguist and author of How We Read Now on the power of reading, what is lost when we rely on digital media, and the future of publishing

  • Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

    Inspiring transformation

    This summit will bring together leaders from across the world to set the agenda for the future of higher education in emerging economies. The summit will also feature the exclusive launch and analysis of the THE Emerging Economies University Rankings 2022.

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  • Recover, reset, rebuild

    The pandemic has forced university leadership to address long-standing issues in their management and structures. This summit will challenge the current practices of university leadership, and will feature the reveal of the THE World Reputation Rankings 2021.

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